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Mojo Coworking: Asheville’s Magic Sauce

Who is Mojo  We asked Ian McAnsh, Community Manager of Mojo Coworking, “How did your space get the name Mojo,” to which he responded, “Oh Mojo, you know, like the magic sauce?!” With a name that embodies zest and charm it is difficult to...

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The Launch Factory: Launchpad to Success

Launching Forward Where is the prime location to both launch your business and create community in your work environment? If you find yourself in Charlotte, NC with these questions you should check out The Launch Factory! Located on Wilkinson...

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Top 10 Cities for Coworking in the U.S.

It’s no longer a secret, the workplace is drastically changing. The coworking industry is revolutionizing the workforce by replacing cubicle farms of old. In just the last five years shared workspaces have grown at a rate of 200% and show no...

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How to Explain Coworking: A Meme Guide

You’re sitting around the dinner table ranting to your family about how cool and modern your new office is, “They even have beer on tap!” you tell your wide-eyed nana. Then someone hits you with the dreaded question, “But what exactly is...

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C3 Lab: Artistry Meets Coworking

Who is C3 Lab What do you get when artistry meets coworking? C3Lab! Located in the South End District of Charlotte, NC, C3Lab adds a hands-on component to coworking. Unique from other coworking spaces, C3 offers artist & maker studios in...

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Advent: Authentic Innovative Coworking

Next up in our Community Spotlight is Advent Coworking! Located in the heart of the Queen City, Advent opened in 2015 and has since grown to over 250 members. Founded by Kevin Giriunas, their mission has been to “Build a Community of Creativity...

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What is Coworking? Digital Workforce Revolution

Usually when you’re sharing something— your sandwich, your apartment, your toothbrush— it’s not pleasant. So sharing your workspace may seem undesirable, but learning how coworking culture breeds success might just change your mind. That's why...

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Top 5 Coworking Community Manager Problems

Top 5 Coworking Community Manager Problems Many entrepreneurs and established professionals thrive in coworking spaces due to their flexibility and enriched community culture. The creative environment that coworking spaces cultivate allows...

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Community Spotlight: Coworx Wilmington

Coworx This week, we are welcoming Coworx to Coworks! (yes, we're homophone buddies!) Although Coworx relocated to Queen St in the Cargo District just last year, they have been since January 2012. On a mission to create a more inspiring and creative...

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