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Our Mission

We at Coworks believe that Coworking and flexible office space is the Future of Work. Our goal as a team has always been to create intuitive experiences for both the manager and the member of these spaces. Our mission at Coworks is to empower coworking space owners and operators, through automation, analytics, and communication to optimize their business and enhance the community experience, so they see growth in their space.

We intend to make coworking more accessible and more efficient for all and to be the driving force and brand for the future of work. Coworks is not just a software, it is the engine behind a shift in the workplace, a shift in culture. We are building a community and redefining the workplace and employee of tomorrow with an attention to detail and a focus on innovation.

What Coworking Means to Us

DeShawn Brown Chief Innovator of Coworks Testimonial

"Coworking represents a fundamental working change, and it is a cultural shift. It is the culmination of the flexible work (powered by technology tools), the convenience of shared work spaces, and the community needed to promote a productive and engaged work environment. It is work space, as a service, and it is undoubtedly the future of work. With Coworks we want to be the driving force to facilitate this amazing community"

- DeShawn Brown Chief Innovator of Coworks

Meet the Team

DeShawn Brown Photo

DeShawn Brown

Chief Innovator

Tanner Hallman Photo

Tanner Hallman

Director of Technology

Sareena Helton Photo

Sareena Helton

Product Manager

Taylor Long Photo

Taylor Long

Community Manager + Sales

Zachary Abramczyk Photo

Zachary Abramczyk

Business Developer

Ken Britton Photo

Ken Britton

Senior Strategic Advisor

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